ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Looks Gorgeous Both Before And After Weight Loss

He has expressed his satisfaction with the results.

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung has recently been making a splash on online community forums for his change in looks after weight loss. According to fans, Wooyoung himself has expressed satisfaction with the results, as it helped neaten up his dance lines. As ATEEZ’s main dancer, Wooyoung is known to have a high passion for his craft. Although it might not have been the main reason, naturally, a trimmer frame looks lighter while dancing.

Between 2018 and 2020, close to their debut, Wooyoung was muscular and had some baby fat on his face.

While he was far from being chubby or rounded, Wooyoung simply had more mass to him.

By 2022, he dropped 14kg (31 lbs) and showed off a newly slim jawline. His side profile is so sharp that it could cut.

The overall effect not only made his dance look lighter and more elegant, it also made his visuals look more sultry and sleek.

The difference is even more stark in GIFs.

Wooyoung before weight loss.
Wooyoung recently.

Although fans were divided over which Wooyoung they preferred, everyone was united on the fact that he looked gorgeous both before and after.

Response to Wooyoung’s weight loss. | theqoo
  • “Gasp but I like the before more. But he’s handsome. I’m suddenly interested in him LOL”
  • “Because of his jawline, he looks way better after weight loss.”
  • “Did he lose muscles too.”
  • “He’s so sincere about dance that he lost weight to improve his dance lines. As long as he’s happy about it and managing himself, I think it’s fine. Before or after, both are pretty.”
  • “I like the before more.”

Looks like he gained some new fans from this viral post too!

Source: theqoo


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