The One Time Auto-Translate Failed KNK’s Heejun In A Hilarious Way

Curses, auto-translate!

As international fans, we all know that sometimes, the auto-translate button may not work its best when it comes to things such as slang or internet terminology. While we’ve gotten some hilarious mistranslations in the past, such as when Twitter‘s Google Translate function failed BTS and ARMYs. On the 24th of July, things just did not work in KNK Heejun‘s favor.

On the 24th, he turned on his live streaming platform to share a moment with fans. As many will know, each live stream requires the artist to input a title for the stream, which will then be automatically translated into the respective languages.

Unfortunately for him, his intended title did not go over so well when translated. The original meaning of his title simply meant a live stream that consisted of him staying in his company’s office. The colloquial term kok in Korean, means to stay-put. For example, bang-kok means to stay in one’s room. Auto-translate however, had something a little different in mind.

The result was this hilarious mis-title. It was made even funnier to Korean fans as the group’s name in Korean means large and larger, even though in English the name was meant to mean “K-Pop Knock”.

| YNB Entertainment

Korean netizens found this little slip-up hilarious it seems, albeit a month late. The mishap was uploaded on theqoo, an online forum. Certainly an unfortunate but harmless coincidence that their group name happened to put even more of an innuendo on the mistake!

While we recover from laughing, check out KNK’s latest MV for “SUNSET” below.

Source: theqoo