The Original Singer Of “Baby Shark” Shocks Everyone With Her Current Voice And Vocal Skills

“Baby Shark” might be the most famous song in the world.

It’s practically impossible for you to not know the song “Baby Shark” if you’ve been on Earth for the last decade. The song was launched in late 2015 by Pinkfong. It was originally in Korean, then remade into English when it got popular the following year. It was even the first video on YouTube to reach 10 billion views, a milestone hit in January 2022. Many parents globally call the song their “hero”, with its ability to quell angsty toddlers and crying babies.

Despite its success, the song was always credited to Pinkfong under “Artist”. The original singer of the song, a 10-year-old student named Choi Bo Bae, went unnoticed for a long time. That is, until in 2022, when she decided to face the spotlight through the show I Can See Your Voice. Now an 18-year-old student at Seoul Music High School, she’s honing her skills in singing.

She recreated “Baby Shark” for the audience as an 18-year-old. When she first sang the song, she had been 10 years old.

| Mnet

In order to further demonstrate her skills, Choi Bo Bae sang the theme song for Disney’s Moana, “How Far I’ll Go.” She immediately gained attention for her clear voice. Although viewers could still hear the same voice that sang “Baby Shark”, it was far more refined and pure. Take a listen for yourself below.

The little girl who sang “Baby Shark” sure has grown up! This photo was taken back when she had recorded the song.

| Mnet

We can’t wait to see what her bright future holds! She’s sure to become a great singer. Watch Choi Bo Bae recreate her famous “Baby Shark” performance, as well as her complete segment below:

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