The Truth Behind Bang Si Hyuk’s “Trashy” Lyrics For TEEN TOP’s “No More Perfume On You”

“It’s one of the works that I came up with the concept and lyrics.”

On an episode of MMTG, TEEN TOP‘s “No More Perfume On You” was easily voted as one of the most embarrassing songs to listen to in public for its questionable lyrics about cheating.

Since the members were young when promoting the song back in 2011, they didn’t realize the lyrics’ meaning. When the group appeared on TMI NEWS in 2020 and realized the song wasn’t a love confession to a noona, Changjo called the lyricstotal trash.

Changjo | @TEEN_TOP/Twitter

When MMTG host Jae Jae visited the HYBE building to interview TXT, she had a phone call with Bang Si Hyuk and couldn’t resist asking him about writing and producing “No More Perfume On You”.

Bang Si Hyuk heard about the members’ recent discussions about not knowing the song’s meaning and revealed that it wasn’t intentionally created with cheating in mind. Instead, he’d attempted to create a cute yet “strategic storyline” that appealed to the group’s many older female fans at the time.

It’s one of the works that I came up with the concept and lyrics. Niel recently said he sang the song without knowing what it’s about.

Back then, there were noona fans. Cute…

— Bang Si Hyuk

While Niel focused on the cute lyrics of sparkles and glitter as a young teen, the song became well-known for a very different reason that was far from what Bang Si Hyuk intended.

Niel | @TEEN_TOP/Twitter

At least Bang Si Hyuk and TEEN TOP can laugh about it ten years later. Check out Bang Si Hyuk’s thoughts on the song, along with the catchy yet questionable song itself.

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