B.I Has Been Removed From The Official YG Entertainment Website

Another artist hasn’t been fully deleted yet, however.

After news of YG Entertainment terminating B.I‘s contract with the company and his withdrawal from iKON following his drug scandal, he has since been removed from the company’s website.

If we look closely at the photo above, iKON is seen as only six members: Ju-Ne, Bobby, Chan, Jay, Yunhyeong, and DK.

B.I was previously accused of inquiring and taking LSD. The idol admitted he wanted to use the drugs, but did not push through due to fear. He has been edited out of the variety shows he filmed prior to the incident.

If we look closely at the photo again, however, Seungri is still seen with the other BIGBANG members. His solo profile has been deleted, however.

Seungri, whose contract with YG Entertainment has also been terminated, has been charged on cases of embezzlement, prostitution, illegal video taking and sharing, and many more. Despite this, he has not been removed from the BIGBANG photo in the YG Entertainment official website.

B.I's Drug Scandal

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