BLACKPINK Jennie’s Recent Interest In Cooking Has Been Taking BLINK Right Down Memory Lane

Jennie been taking fans down memory lane with her cooking passion:

While music is one of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s biggest passions, she’s always ready to explore other areas of interest too. Most recently, Jennie opened up about something she’s been pretty passionate about lately and her big reveal has been taking fans on a trip down memory lane.

Wanting to know a little bit more about what has been catching Jennie’s attention lately, Vogue Korea asked what she has been interested in lately.

Without hesitating, Jennie revealed that she’s been pretty interested in cooking even adding that she’s been thinking about taking professional cooking lessons!

I’ve been interested in cooking lately. I’m thinking about learning professionally.

— Jennie

As Jennie went on to reveal some of the dishes she’s already a master of…

Vogue Korea: What is one menu you can make?

Jennie: Oh! These questions are connected! That would be pasta and kimchi fried rice.

BLINKs have been recalling some of Jennie’s most iconic chef moments, especially her predebut appearance on My Little Television where she cutely cut some onions!

Fans have definitely been loving the trip down memory lane and can’t wait to see Jennie hone her culinary skills even further!

Who else can’t wait to see even more of the amazing chef Jennie?