BLACKPINK’s Jennie Throws Shade At YG Entertainment About Their Comeback

Jennie made it known she wants exactly what fans want.

For far longer than fans had wanted, YG Entertainment had been holding off on any information regarding BLACKPINK‘s comeback. Even though they finally revealed it would be happening around March or April of the new year, it looks like it will be postponed yet again.

Adding fuel to the fire, fans became even more upset upon finding out the group’s new project wasn’t related to music at all. The announcement of the company’s new girl group didn’t make matters better, either. BLINKs aren’t the only ones who are getting impatient, though.

During her interview with Vogue Korea, Jennie showed just how ready she was to get back into not only releasing new music but promoting it as well.

When asked if there were any goals she’d wanted to accomplish in 2020, Jennie only had two things on her mind, which were the same ones fans have been hoping for. She confidently stated, “Comeback with a new album,” as she looked right into the camera.

To emphasize how important it was and that she meant business, Jennie crossed her hands and added, “That’s it.”

Since most of the members have mentioned spending their time working on the new album during their individual interviews, it makes Jennie’s words that much more meaningful.

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Jennie wants to showcase all of the hard work they’ve put into making their new music. It seems like she’s giving their company some much-needed advice to give everyone what they’ve patiently been waiting for.

If Jennie wants to make a comeback with a new album, BLINKs are more than ready for it. See her throw just a bit of shade at their company’s handling of their upcoming music here.