BLACKPINK’s Lisa Speaks Up About Why She’s Such A Strict Mentor To The “Youth With You” Contestants

She knows all about her strict mentor image!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa frequently goes viral due to her tough mentor image in Youth With You seasons two and three. As a dance mentor, she was in charge of improving the contestant’s dancing from their first stage until their last.

Whenever the trainees’ performances were not up to par with her standards, she did not hesitate to call them out.

Tomorrow you’ll be on stage, but you’re still making mistakes.

— Lisa 

In Episode 22 of Youth With You 3, the male contestants were asked to rate Lisa in different categories. To no one’s surprise, she received an A+ on “strictness,” with the trainees talking about how much she helped them improve because of her stern words.

Lisa chuckled as she revealed her candid thoughts on their impressions of her.

I don’t know if I should be happy after getting A in terms of severity.

— Lisa 

She explained that she taught them based on her own experience.

To be honest, when I learned to dance, every teacher of mine was extremely strict.

— Lisa

She let it be known that she’s not as strict as others: “I’m not half the level of them, no matter if it’s in terms of severity or strictness.”

Because she learned well from that kind of teaching style, she decided it was the best way for the trainees to grow.

I’m not half the level of them so I want to follow their examples. I want to be a teacher like them. So I’m strict in my classes.

— Lisa

Being strict, however, doesn’t mean that Lisa wasn’t also patient and warm!

But after classes, I can be kind. I don’t want them to think wrongly that I am relaxed and they need not learn carefully. I don’t want that.

— Lisa

Of course, the trainees agreed, and they couldn’t help but gush over her sweet actions and caring personality.

Crayon (Chen Yugeng) | iQIYI/YouTube

She is kind. When we got injured, or she noticed that we felt unwell, she’d ask us to have a rest. When we met next time, she still remembered this and asked us once again.

— Crayon

Check out the full video below!

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