BLACKPINK’s Rosé Once Tried To Guess Lisa’s Ideal Type—Here Are The People She Named

They’re famous characters.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a fan of K-Dramas just like the rest of us! While she’s a huge celebrity in her own right, she’s not immune to the charms of certain people.

In the ninth episode of Star Road, Lisa and Rosé were paired up in the “how well do you know each other” game. The two had to answer questions that prove their friendship.

Rosé got a number of answers correct right away, such as her age at the time (22) and nickname (Long Legs Lisa)…

…favorite hobby (taking photos)…

…and trademark outfit style (bucket hats).

She faltered, however, when it came to the other’s ideal type. This was when Lisa’s favorite actor and character were revealed.

Rosé: Ideal type?

Lisa: You don’t know my ideal type?

The main vocalists’ first guess was none other than Gong Yoo!

Gong Yoo is a famous actor who is known for his roles in Goblin: The Lonely And Great God, Coffee Prince, and Train To Busan.

The second person Rosé guessed was Lisa’s ideal type was the character Do Min Joon from the drama My Love From The Star.

Played by actor Kim Soo Hyun, Do Min Joon is a centuries-old being who lived an isolated life until he met Song Yi. He’s a serious, capable, and compelling protagonist, and so it’s no wonder Lisa liked him!

While Lisa agreed that she used to like these two people, her tastes apparently changed. Rosé was dumbfounded as she could only think of Gong Yoo and Do Min Joon as the maknae‘s ideal type.

Rosé: Whom could it have changed into?

Lisa: It’s not a particular guy, it’s just an overall type.

With a little help, Rosé finally correctly guessed that Lisa likes cute guys over sexy guys the most.

They really do know each other best!

Source: VLive

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