BLACKSWAN-Inspired Artwork Awes Fans In Renowned Artist’s Gallery

K-Pop inspires so many to create!

LUMINAs recently found BLACKSWAN-inspired art featured in an exhibition at renowned artist Kim Kyung Ho‘s gallery! The exhibit includes four paintings with a black swan motif.

Note: The photo is not by him. It is just to illustrate that it is inspired by BLACKSWAN.

| @BSR_BeClown/Twitter
| @BlackSwanRumor/Twitter

Here are close-ups of a couple of the paintings.

| @LUMINASherlock/Twitter
| @LUMINASherlock/Twitter

Kim Kyung Ho is a member of Fondation Taylor, a French non-profit association whose “mission is to protect and assist artists in every way possible. To support the creation and appreciation of art by organizing exhibitions, and awarding subsidies and prizes to the artist community.

| Yubin Cultural Foundation

This is not the first time BLACKSWAN was the muse of Kyung Ho, as he also made a poem for the group and former member Hyeme last year. He also made a few other paintings inspired by them.

| @LUMINASherlock/Twitter
| @LUMINASherlock/Twitter

What do you think about the art? It’s amazing just how much idols inspire artists!


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