BOYNEXTDOOR’s Sungho Shares The Unexpected Way His Parents Received His Debut Concept Photos

Someone beat him to sending the photos.

KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels and a company founded by Zico, recently debuted its first boy group, BOYNEXTDOOR.

BOYNEXTDOOR | @boynextdoor_official/Instagram

The six-member group officially debuted on May 30, 2023, with their single album, WHO!

Even before their debut, the members earned attention for their handsome visuals and incredible talent.

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Pre-Debut Photos Are Quickly Going Viral

Now, fans are able to learn more about the new rookie group through their individual member interviews with Weverse Magazine.

BOYNEXTDOOR’s oldest member Sungho was the second member to have their interview released, and he spilled all about his debut and his family’s reaction to the exciting day.

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Sungho | Weverse Magazine

Sungho revealed that his dream of being an idol began when he was in seventh grade, though his love for music and performing started long before that.

He overcame fears that his friends would tease him and began to take his dreams seriously.

…it took a while for me to tell people that I wanted to become a singer and idol. I was in seventh grade when I first realized that that was something I wanted to do, but I kept it to myself for over two years. I was a bit worried that my friends would tease me and tell me that I wasn’t cut out to be a singer. (laughs)


| @boynextdoor_official/Instagram

When he was 17, he happened upon a KOZ Entertainment audition poster by chance, and after passing his audition, he began his trainee life in his first year of high school.

I started going on auditions when I turned seventeen. I briefly lived in Wonju back then, and that’s when I saw a poster of an open audition at KOZ Entertainment by chance.


Now 19 years old, he finally made his debut, and in his excitement, he shared that he sent his parents his debut concept photo via text because they don’t use social media.

After he sent the photo, his parents informed him that their friends had surprisingly already sent them the photos, and he realized that his family, who “don’t say things in so many words,” was quietly keeping tabs on everything he was doing.

It turns out that a lot of their friends sent it to them already. They don’t say things in so many words, but I realized that they were keeping tabs on everything. (laughs) They told me that my brother was keeping his eye out for me, too. There’s a big age gap between my older brother and me, so he didn’t tease me too much (laughs) but he said it felt a little strange, just like any brother would.


| Weverse Magazine

Even if they “don’t say things in so many words,” they fully supported Sungho’s debut, and he shared his gratitude for their encouragement.

They were fully supportive from the get-go. I could prepare for my auditions and now I’ve debuted all thanks to them.


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Source: Weverse Magazine
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