THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae Reveals The Strong Points Of His Personality

He knows himself well.

THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo, Juyeon, and Hyunjae recently met with Arena Homme Plus for a breathtaking pictorial and compelling interview.

| Arena Homme Plus

Within Hyunjae’s interview, Hyunjae discussed the several sides to his personality. For one, Hyunjae revealed he has a strong mentality, yet gets a weak heart for certain things.

I’ll always get weak when it comes to babies and animals. I have loved babies and animals since I was young, so I’d play with them and take care of them.

— Hyunjae

Hyunjae continued and shared just how weak his heart gets for babies and animals through several cute examples.

When I would visit my relative’s house, I’d end up sleeping over because I didn’t want to leave them. And if I saw a wandering puppy on the street, I would follow it around because I was afraid it might get hit by a car or get injured. I’d do that until late in the night, which made my mom worry. While trying to rescue them, I’d end up getting rescued myself by my mom.

— Hyunjae

Following the reveal of what makes him weak, Hyunjae revealed the stronger side of him.

I’m don’t get easily hurt by people’s criticism or reproach. I acknowledge what should be acknowledged, and I accept it objectively. During practice when I give the members feedback, I tend to speak bluntly, but I have no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings.

— Hyunjae

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus

Another strong side Hyunjae has is not being too prideful. Unlike himself in the past, Hyunjae revealed he keeps just as much pride he needs.

When I was younger, my pride was really strong. I was stubborn and uselessly proud, but now I only have necessary pride, not unnecessary pride.

— Hyunjae

With only a couple of years under his belt as an idol, Hyunjae has already grown into a thoughtful artist with so many sides to himself. Fans can expect to see even more sides to him as the years continue with THE BOYZ!

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus
Source: Arena Homme Plus