Just Another “Broke Millionaire” Moment From BTS’s Jungkook

He’s rich, but also… not.

BTS‘s Jungkook is rolling in riches these days, but he hasn’t lost the thrifty mindset he had as a rookie!

| Vlive

From using a towel for a pillow to trying to buy snacks with a black card, Jungkook is the epitome of a “broke millionaire”, and his saga continues to this day.

In a past live broadcast, Jungkook showed off his minty new hair color, chatted about his diet, and sang songs. He also revealed that he broke his phone. Jungkook could easily buy a new one, but instead, he “fixed” it…

…with tape! This is something many broke fans can definitely relate to.

Add this to your list of “just Jungkook things”!


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