Jimin And V’s Tragic Story Made BTS Laugh Nonstop

Their sad story quickly turned into a comedy.

After hearing the stories that BTS writes, you might want them to pen a K-Drama!

In Episode 7 of BT21 UNIVERSE 3, BTS continued to create storylines for their BT21 characters. Previously, the members conjured up a group of anti-fans named AT21, Slytherin Suga failed to use magic, and CEO Jin came up with outrageous ways to fundraise.

In this episode, BTS added a new chapter to BT21’s story, and let’s just say that things escalated very quickly!

Suga’s character, Shooky, just can’t catch a break. Previously, Jin tried to make Shooky sell his cookie friends to make money. Now, Writer Jimin wants Shooky to sacrifice himself in a glass of milk!

RM was saddened by this tragic turn of events, but the other members couldn’t stop laughing!

Writer added a detailed (and equally depressing) scene about Van to the story, where the robot breaks down…

…because of Shooky’s milk? Breaking News: This heroic tragedy is now a chaotic comedy!

Of course, this isn’t surprising. Fans expect nothing less from BTS!