BTS Hyungs Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Jimin… And It’s Only So Relatable

We would’ve, if we could’ve too.

Back in November 2019, BTS‘s Jimin came through Incheon International Airport after wrapping up schedules in Helsinki, Finland. His fluffiest-yet airport fashion (as suggested by J-Hope) had all eyes glued on him:

ARMYs couldn’t help but burn up with desire to pet the massive onigiri-Jimin…

… and neither could Jimin’s hyungs. BTS’s 2020 Winter Package revealed more details behind the hat — including how Suga, J-Hope, RM, and even his BFF V had all been so completely captivated by the softness.

Suga, whom ARMYs have endearingly nicknamed a cat, seemed especially content with Jimin’s furry look.

Plus, it looked like J-Hope and RM failed at keeping their hands to themselves as well.

For ARMYs, the hyung-line’s uncontrollable need to pet Jimin is only so relatable AF. After all, how could anyone — or, more like why would anyone — pass up on the opportunity?

Watch the clip of Jimin getting pets from his hyungs here:

Source: THEQOO