J-Hope Took A BTS Personality Quiz, And The Results Totally Offended Jin 

Worldwide Handsome didn’t let this slide.

Which BTS member are you? J-Hope took a quiz to find out the answer to that question and more!


On Weverse, J-Hope shared his quiz results from Doda, a Korean app that offers quizzes, such as the MBTI personality test. The quiz J-Hope took was comprised of questions that asked him to rate statements like, “I am an optimistic person,” on a sliding scale from “not at all” to “very true.” 

Doda App | doda

After answering 21 of these questions, J-Hope found out that he is actually…Jimin!


The quiz describes Jimin as affectionate, open-minded, sensitive, and kind: traits that also describe J-Hope.

| Weverse

You are affectionate and open-minded and you sincerely care for others with your own style of kindness and sensitivity. You often praise others by discovering their strengths better than their weaknesses, and sometimes you are sad and tired because you care about others more than yourself…You are Jimin.

— J-Hope’s results

J-Hope also found out who his soulmates are: and Jungkook.

V and Jungkook | Weverse

Destined Partner

V [left] Jungkook [right]

— J-Hope’s quiz results

On Weverse, V gave the quiz his stamp of approval. An ARMY wrote a post captioned, “Hobi’s destined partners are the maknae line? So true,” and V replied with a train’s enthusiastic whistling.

| Weverse

Choo Choo~

— V

Jin, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy! In fact, he jokingly told J-Hope just how deeply the results had offended him.

| Weverse

 I’m disappointed in you J-Hope. Don’t talk to me from now on.

— Jin 

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Source: Doda

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