BTS’s J-Hope Once Got “Angry” At Jimin…And It Ended Up Just Making Him Laugh

Jimin wasn’t that intimidated by J-Hope’s “anger”.

BTS Jimin‘s sly action once got J-Hope a bit “triggered”.

When BTS was doing a photographing activity, only one of the members was allowed to get an individual shot, while all the other members had to do it in pairs.

J-Hope was supposed to be the member to do the individual shoot, but Jimin decided to get playful and secretly did the individual shoot himself.

This didn’t make J-Hope happy, as he started showing his “rage” towards Jimin.

Not long after, Jimin showed up, and J-Hope showed him how “angry” he was. However, rather than looking scared, Jimin just started laughing.

Jimin then explained that when he took his individual picture, J-Hope’s face got so red that the veins on his neck started showing. When Jimin asked J-Hope if he was really angry, J-Hope decided to show his “anger”, which got Jimin laughing again.

Here’s the full video below!