BTS’s Fans Are So Talented That Even J-Hope Wants To Learn From Them

He is being blown away by their skills.

BTS‘s members have many talents, and the same is true for their fans!

From vocal covers to animations to arts and crafts, ARMYs can do it all. Many of these fans share their creativity on Weverse, impressing fellow fans and BTS’s members. V even invited one artist to come work for Big Hit Entertainment!

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My heart feels warm. Come work for our company.

— V

Although V is the most likely member to comment on ARMY art (and even request it), J-Hope also loves to see fans’ creative works. For example, back in April, he was blown away by an ARMY’s DIY lightstick, modeled after his red microphone.

He wrote, “Wow, I want it,,,,,golden hands, golden hands.” “Golden hands” is an expression meaning “talented”. 

After finishing up the custom beaded bracelets he made in a live broadcast, J-Hope logged into Weverse on June 25 and spotted a fan’s bracelets. The fan made their own bracelets while watching J-Hope’s live stream.

He was blown away by their crafting skills, saying, “You have a golden hand…I should learn.” 

Bracelet making might look easy, but J-Hope knows just how challenging it can be! At one point, he accidentally let go of his bracelet, crying, “Nooooo! Aish…” as its beads scattered.

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