The BTS Members Reveal Just How Much J-Hope’s Praise Means To Them Throughout The Years

Who can blame them?

The BTS members recently revealed just how important J-Hope‘s approval is to them.

On Let’s BTS, the members revealed the words they want to hear the most from each other.

When Jungkook revealed he wants to hear praise like “You’re really good at dancing” from J-Hope, the members instantly understood how he felt.

It feels nice when J-Hope praises you.

— Jimin

Known as “Jung Team Leader,” J-Hope’s dance expertise and general leader-like role in BTS make the boys strive for his approval.

The members have all tried their best to get praise from J-Hope.

V once revealed how hard he tried for J-Hope to compliment him.

I wanted to get close to him and get praise from him but I felt a little bad when he didn’t see that.

— V

Since his opinion matters so much to them, they can’t help but remember these special moments when they get his stamp of approval.

Netizens agree that J-Hope’s cool and strong personality feels heart-fluttering when you’re lucky enough to receive his praise.

  • It’s so funny that the members are thirsting for Hobi’s praise. They want to be recognized because he’s a cool person. Ah, Jung Hoseok I fell in love with you today too
  • There are no empty words. Really, if I got praise from Hobi, I’d go to heaven. He’s heart-fluttering and the kids are cute, too.

J-Hope’s words are strong and impactful, just like he is, and inspire everyone to do their best.

It’s no wonder Jin said that any time J-Hope compliments you, it feels like you’re “in heaven that day…”

…and just like BTS, ARMY wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of J-Hope’s compliments.

Time to get in line!

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