BTS’s J-Hope Reveals What He Learned During The Pandemic

He had time to reflect on his life.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently went in-depth with Rolling Stone about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected his life and what he was able to learn during the uncertain period of time.

J-Hope shared that it gave him time to reflect on himself and his day-to-day life.

It was an opportunity to learn how precious our ordinary lives were. I had to think about how my life should go on and how I should just stay calm and focus even during these times. It was a time to reflect on myself a lot.

— J-Hope

He learned a lot during this time, revealing that he thought he should stay focused to continue to do well.

The takeaway is I have to do what I can do best. Time goes on and life flows on, and we just have to keep doing music and performances. I just thought that I have to make music that can give consolation and a sense of hope to other people.

— J-Hope

He shared that the BTS members went the same overwhelming emotions as everyone else during this time and they wanted to continue to be a source of comfort for their fans.

Through the creation of songs like “Life Goes On,” BTS was able to come together to tell fans the stories of how they were feeling.

You know, we’re just people, like everybody else. So we feel the same way as everybody else. So we just wanted to make music and do performances that other people can resonate with and that can give people more strength.

— J-Hope

In addition to life during the pandemic, J-Hope discussed his plans for upcoming music including his next mixtape. Check out what we can expect from him in the future below!

Here’s What BTS’s J-Hope Had To Say About His Mixtape And Plans For Future Music


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