BTS’s J-Hope Tried To Use “Suga Logic” To His Advantage

J-Hope took a page from Suga’s BS book in the latest Run BTS episode.

BTS‘s Suga is a pro at BSing his way through life, and it seems like J-Hope has been taking notes!


“Suga logic” can mean manipulating the facts…


…and making them up entirely.


Suga has been known to change a game’s rules to suit his needs…


…and blatantly lie even when someone calls his bluff.


In Episode 93 of Run BTS!, the member split into two teams (RMV, and Jin vs Jungkook, JiminJ-Hope, and Suga) to play a board game. To advance from one square to the next, they had to complete mini-missions, like playing the 369 game.


By now, BTS are experts at 369, but eventually, someone slips up. This time, it was J-Hope.


Despite being caught in the act, J-Hope insisted he didn’t clap twice.


It was a delay, no — reverb! Human reverb is a thing, right?


As preposterous as that may sound, the staff let it slide. The members continued the game…


…until Jungkook made this big mistake. Oops!


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