BTS Jimin Knows Exactly Which Anime Character His Cutie-Sexy Duality Reminds Fans Of

You can’t unsee it!

BTS‘s Jimin has two sides to him that ARMYs know and love: His adorable side…

…and his charismatic, sexy side!

As much as fans expect it, they’re never truly ready for the sudden shift Jimin makes from being cool during a photoshoot…

…to excitedly running into the water like a little kid!

Even the captions point out the stark difference between Jimin’s two personas. However, when he takes a look at his cute photos, he knows exactly who he resembles!

My bottom is like Crayon Shin-chan!

— Jimin

Crayon Shin-chan is a Japanese manga series. The protagonist bears a strong resemblance to Jimin in his overalls…from the waist down!

| Crayon Shin-chan

In his beach photoshoot outfit, it’s hard to deny that Jimin looks like 5-year-old Shin-chan!

Watch Jimin’s full photoshoot below.


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