BTS’s Jimin Showed His “Boxing Skills”… And The Members Just Laughed

This will put a smile on your face!

While BTS‘s Jimin is fierce on stage, he’s quite the opposite off stage. Jimin is known for his adorable looks, and even his fellow members can’t help but sometimes react to his cuteness!

BTS’s Jimin

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, the members played a game where they had to sweep three plastic water bottles with a stick without making them fall. Most of the members struggled with this game.

When some of the members were struggling with the game, Jimin asked if they wanted to see his “newly learned boxing skills.”

RM told Jimin to show them, and Jimin ended up showing a more adorable version of “boxing.”

The members couldn’t help but laugh when looking at Jimin’s cute behavior.

Afterward, Jimin made a cute “threat” towards the members, but they weren’t intimidated.

Jimin has such a cute personality!

BTS’s Jimin


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