BTS’s Jimin’s Pursuit Of His Dreams Continues To Inspire 10 Years Later

BTS’s Jimin’s fateful move to Seoul would lead him on the path to becoming the star we know him as today.

Ten years ago, BTS‘s Jimin traveled from his hometown to Seoul to follow his dream of becoming an idol.

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Jimin grew up in Busan, Korea. He showed great talent in dancing and attended Busan High School of Arts where he was at the top of his class. His teacher noticed his natural talent and encouraged him to audition for an entertainment company.

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Jimin tried out for BigHit in Busan and passed the first audition. At the age of 17, he made the courageous decision to move by himself to Seoul to become a trainee.

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Jimin had the shortest training period of the group and was the last member added to BTS’s lineup. Because the other members had more time to train together, Jimin felt immense pressure to catch up and prove that he was worthy of the final spot in the group.

In an episode of You Quiz On The Block, Jimin revealed he would practice until 4 AM and wake back up at 6:30 AM to go to school. Jungkook shared that Jimin was the most dedicated member. Jimin assured viewers that working that hard towards his dream didn’t feel difficult. 

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Despite his hard work, he wasn’t entirely confident that he would be able to debut with BTS. He asked his dad on their phone calls at the time to not be too disappointed if he couldn’t debut with BTS because he would find a way to be on the stage regardless. After a year of being a trainee, he achieved his dream and debuted.

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Earlier this year, he received an honorary diploma from Busan High School of Arts. His dad accepted the certificate at the ceremony in his place, which was even more touching considering Jimin’s past phone calls with his father expressing his doubt about being able to join BTS. His hard work has certainly paid off. His perseverance and belief in himself continue to inspire ARMYs in their own lives.

Today, ARMYs celebrate his success and thank him for following his dream to become the BTS member they know and love.


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