BTS’s Jimin Finally Got To Say Hello To ARMYs Outside The Broadcasting Station

“ARMY, it was so good to see you…!”

Earlier this month, BTS‘s Jimin was spotted by MONSTA X fans — saying hello to these Monbebes thinking they are ARMYs. When the video of him poking his head out to catch a glimpse of the fans circulated online, some Korean ARMYs decided they couldn’t “sit back and watch” anymore.

This week, these determined ARMYs gathered outside the broadcasting station to make sure Jimin got the attention he deserves. And as Jimin left the broadcasting station after shooting Inkigayo

… ARMYs made sure he heard and saw them loud and clear! Having missed ARMYs in the audience, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus preventative policy that banned live viewings, Jimin seemed thrilled to see the fans — even at a distance.

Jungkook, who was in the car with Jimin, also got to say hello…

… and ARMYs couldn’t be any happier with the big smile on their faces!

Jimin later tweeted his appreciation for ARMYs showing up to the broadcasting station — in a special handwritten message:

ARMY, it was so good to see you. Thank you so much!

— Jimin

And so, once again, it has been proven — No virus can really keep BTS and ARMYs apart.

Source: THEQOO