BTS’s Jimin Lost His Spot On Stage And We’re Not Sorry For Laughing

Jimin had a hilarious mishap at BTS’s 5th Muster.

Everyone’s sense of direction fails them, but it usually doesn’t happen on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans…


On June 22 and 23, BTS held their 5th Muster at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This global fan event gave fans many new memories, such as flustering JinRM accidentally soaking Suga, Jin pranking everybody, Jimin throwing the cutest punches ever, and J-Hope getting a little too sexy.


Jimin’s duality was in full swing at Muster. He switched effortlessly from this sexy, all-black outfit for “Dimple”…


…and this innocent, striped getup.


Jimin’s super cute outfit made his “Boy With Luv” mishap even more adorable. At the beginning of the song, he completely lost his spot.


Jimin ran back and forth, searching for it, as his members tried not to laugh.


He recovered quickly though and was ready to go when his verse started!


Relive Jimin’s moment of confusion here: