BTS’s Jimin Once Rebelled Against His Seniors In High School, Here’s What Happened To Him Next

V then gave a savage comment.

While BTS‘s Jimin was an excellent student, he was a bit “rebellious” at times. Jimin even once shared that he “rebelled” against his seniors in high school!

BTS’s Jimin

In BTS’s guest appearance in KBS Cool FM Changmin’s Music Plaza, the members were asked to share some memorable stories from high school.

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Jimin shared that when he was in high school, the first-year students had to clean the changing room. When Jimin was a first-year student, he and his friends often got scolded by the older students.

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Due to the scolding, Jimin and his friends once decided not to clean and ran away together! Jimin was then asked what happened to them after this, and he laughingly shared that they “got beaten up” by the older students! After Jimin shared this, the members laughed, and V jokingly told Jimin that he “should have got beaten up.”

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Here’s the full video below!