BTS Completely Lost It Over Jimin’s Special Award For Suga

Suga had no idea how to react to this win, but his members did.

BTS‘s Suga is talented, handsome, and a total genius. He deserves all the awards he’s won, but one particular award took him (and everyone else) by surprise!


In BTS’s 2020 Season’s Greetings, the members took turns awarding each other for their accomplishments in 2019. RM awarded Jungkook for writing original songs, and Jin recognized J-Hope‘s role as BTS’s second leader.


Jimin had something a little different in mind for Suga!


Jimin channeled his inner Jin and did some wordplay with the title for Suga’s award. He added “정” (jeong) to the word “상” (sang) / award to create “정상” (jeong sang), meaning “normal”.


That’s right. Suga got an award for being “normal”! Suga didn’t exactly know how to take this…


…but the rest of his members couldn’t stop laughing. even fell off his stool!


Worldwide Funny Guy? Jimin certainly is!


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