BTS’s Jimin Tried To Charm Suga, But Suga Wasn’t Having It

Suga wasn’t about to give in to Jimin…this time.

Nobody is immune to The Jimin Effect. Nobody, that is, except Suga?


Millions of fans have fallen in love with Jimin’s natural aegyo and charisma. He usually bestows these gifts to bring ARMY joy, but he isn’t above using them to win games!


On October 8, BTS’s variety show, Run BTS!, returned after a two-month break. In Episode 86, BTS’s chaotic members had to answer questions in pure Korean (no foreign languages) to win stickers.


At one point, Jimin sneakily tried to earn more stickers by being cute.


In exchange for a sticker, Jimin offered Suga love, but Suga flat-out refused. Better luck next time, Jimin!


Speaking of games, Jin didn’t lose this one very gracefully…

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