Here’s BTS Jin’s Acceptance Speech For That Weverse Attendance Award He Won Himself

Oh, it’s serious business now.

Remember when things escalated really quickly and BTS‘s Jin ended up getting a perfect attendance award from Weverse?


In his latest Eat Jin live broadcast, Jin gave his acceptance speech and revealed how he actually feels about the award!


At first, he shared that he didn’t feel qualified to receive the award…

Honestly… Honestly? I don’t think I deserve the attendance award. Attendance awards are for students who have perfect attendance! I mean, I’ve visited Weverse a plenty of times, but… I don’t think I’ve made a perfect attendance record. So… I was a little concerned about accepting the award!

— Jin


… but soon, he realized that he made an acknowledgeable amount of effort to swing by as often as he could — especially compared to some other members!

But I did look at how many times my teammates visited Weverse… and I realized, I may not have perfect attendance but I did come by quite often. Everyone else is busy… And that isn’t to say I have a lot of time on my hands, but you know. It’s because I want to communicate with ARMYs!

— Jin


Eventually, he accepted his special award and gave a full-blown speech, thanking ARMYs and Weverse developers for making it possible!

I only mentioned the prize money because I was embarrassed to accept the award. But… I’m grateful for ARMYs and Weverse developers who made this award possible. And to live up to this award, I will continue to be active on Weverse as Seokjinie.

— Jin


ARMYs look forward to seeing Jin keep his promise to stay active on Weverse, as his presence on the platform is absolutely adored!


Watch the broadcast below: