BTS’s Jin Candidly Responded To A Thirst Post About Jungkook

His reply is hilarious and super relatable.

If there’s one BTS member who keeps tabs on ARMY, it’s Jin!

During BTS’s 2019 vacation, they had plenty of time to visit museums, go fishing, and spend time finding out what kind of shenanigans their fandom gets into.

Jin used some of his free time to interact with ARMY nearly every day on Weverse. Fans loved reading his witty comments, even when they were the ones getting roasted!

Fan: Seeing this photo [of RM] made me so happy that I parted from this world.

Jin: Is the Wi-Fi connection also good in heaven…


One fan posted a series of sexy Jungkook photos, saying that ramen and Jungkook are equally bad for their health.

Jungkook and ramen are bad for [my] health..

— Fan

Nobody expected Jin to reply to this 100% scientifically proven post. So, of course, he did.

Why on earth is Jungkook [bad for the health]

— Jin

Some fans think that Jin was confused, others say he was feeling “attacked”, but everybody’s loving it.

Jin never fails to brighten ARMY’s day!