Here’s Why BTS’s Jin Is Loved By Grandmothers In Their 70s

Hint: it’s not for his worldwide handsome visuals.

Though BTS‘s Jin is loved worldwide for his handsome visuals, there’s an entirely different reason why grandmothers in their 70s are charmed by the idol.


When a few grandmothers in their 70s sat down with kizzle to chose an idol who they thought would show the utmost care to the elderly, all of them selected Jin and shared the touching reasons why.

One grandmother pointed how quickly he would lend a hand to help others in need. She said, “I think he’ll help me if I carry something heavy.

Another grandmother highlighted how respectful Jin would be to his elders and how comfortable he would make them feel. She offered, “I think this guy’s gonna act cute. I think this guy’s gonna be nice to adults.

Since Jin went as far as offering money to a senior artist, who was in a dispute with his former company over harsh treatment, and is someone quick to help their staff, the grandmothers were spot-on.

Listen to the grandmothers’ kind words on why Jin appeals so much to them here.