A BTS Mystery Solved: Why Jin Destroys Cakes

We have answers!

A BTS mystery has finally been solved!

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

You’ve probably noticed that BTS’s Jin seems to have a personal vendetta against cakes, or he at least enjoys “destroying” some.

During his recent birthday live broadcast, he famously sliced his alpaca cake with his bare hands. It was iconic AF.

Likewise, Jin “helped” Jungkook decorate the maknae‘s birthday cake by adding grapes to the bunny.

Those are just two recent examples. In 2019, Jimin surprised Jin with a birthday cake that looked like money. Although Jin said, “it’s good,” he spit it out after tasting it.

So, what exactly does Jin have against cakes? Well, an ARMY, NANA (@nana_origin on TikTok), might have solved the mystery.

They resurfaced a clip from a BANGTAN BOMB in which Jin revealed he knew about his birthday surprise. In the video, Jin reminds Jimin that when it comes to cakes, it’s “chocolate or nothing.” 

NANA pointed out what all the cakes previously mentioned have in common. They were white, not chocolate! So, Jin wasn’t going to eat it, no matter what.

Jin is a chocolate lover!

Watch the TikTok below.


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