BTS’s Jin Gets Hilariously Defensive About His Showering Habits

Jin turned a discussion into a comedy show on “Bon Voyage 4”.

If there’s one thing BTS‘s Jin will defend to the end (besides his handsomeness, wittiness, fashion sense, talent…etc, etc) it’s his hygiene!


On November 19, BTS released Episode 1 of Bon Voyage 4, a travel-reality show that chronicles their trips abroad. Like previous Bon Voyage seasons, this one’s full of chaotic moments, like  Vmin’s mini-movie, Jin’s delayed arrival, and smol Suga in a cup.


While planning for the trip, BTS discussed accommodations. Some members suggested staying in a campervan the whole time, but Suga (ever the practical one) brought up showering.


Showering? Pfft. Who needs it?


Jin might have been A-Okay with marinating in his own odor, but the others didn’t feel the same way!


Jin playfully insisted that he usually has good shower habits, making his members crack up. There was no need to go on and on about it…


…but Jin wanted to anyway!


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