BTS’s Jin Sprang Into Action When He Saw The Way RM Was Holding A Knife

The members have told RM in the past that he shouldn’t cook.

BTS‘s RM can be quite clumsy, and he even has the nickname “God of Destruction” due to how clumsy he can be and how often he accidentally destroys things. The members have even told RM that he shouldn’t drive or cook “for the sake of world peace.”

In one live broadcast, RM was holding a kitchen knife, and Jin got quite scared due to how RM was holding it.

BTS’s Jin

Jimin, Jin, and RM were making salads in the live broadcast, and RM was bringing over eggs to the table. RM used a knife to hold the eggs, but he was holding the knife upside down! Jin was quite “scared” and told RM that he would bring the eggs to the table himself.


After Jin said this, RM had an adorable reaction, as he started wondering why people get scared when he does something. Jin had a quick response as he told him about the way he was holding the knife.


Jimin covered the camera and jokingly told Jin and RM that they’re on broadcast and that they shouldn’t “fight.”


It looks like the members still get a little “scared” when RM is in the kitchen!



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