“3 Types Of People On Their Birthday” — BTS’s Jin, Suga, And RM Go Viral For Celebrating In Their Own Hilarious Ways

Which one are you? 🤣

In the latest viral video taking over the ARMY fandom, BTS‘s Jin, Suga, and RM prove there are three types of people in the world!

BTS’s Jin, RM, and Suga | BIGHIT Music

Jin represents a true maximalist! Lighting his giant candle, the huge flame looks like he lit a whole box of candles on fire.

However, that’s just the beginning! The candles unfold into a beautiful lotus flower with flames on every petal.

Wooooah! WOOOAH!

— Jin

Trying to blow all of them out at once, smoke goes everywhere. It seems it will take Jin a few tries to defeat this candle!

Meanwhile, the hilarious contrast of Suga’s teeny tiny candle is enough to make any ARMY burst into laughter.

With a small breath, the flame is gone and a satisfied smile spreads across Suga’s face. Birthday celebrations: Done!

Lastly, RM is full of excitement and takes his cake for a spin in his chair…

…but when he faces the camera again, his flames have vanished!

At least he didn’t drop the cake! Watch the full hilarious video below.

Source: theqoo


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