“We Need To Talk About Jin,” Said Twitter

Looks like Twitter caught that BTS fever too.

On December 9, 2019, Twitter’s official account tweeted a statement…


… a statement which immediately collected over 26K replies.


And to one of those thousands of replies, the one particularly by a user @Lucaspraat…


… Twitter had the best answer for all ARMYs out there:


No one is sure what triggered Twitter to summon Jin out of the blue. But no one is complaining either. ARMYs will gladly talk about Jin any day, any time. #Jintherapy!


Could it be Twitter is (not-so-)secretly in love with BTS’s Jin? Potentially. It would be hard to resist Mr. Worldwide Handsome after all:


And since Twitter wants to talk about Jin, here’s some excellent Jin content for your discussion:

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