BTS’s Jin And V Were Destined To Get Along Well, According To Korean Astrology

They are meant to be inseparable and invincible together.

If you believe it, then you believe it. Things are written in the stars. Horoscopes are real. Fortune telling is science. So is the birth chart and the pre-destined life that comes with it. And if such is the case — if such things are true — then it only make sense that BTS‘s Jin and V are such good friends because, well, their birthdates make them so.

A Korean astrology expert shared online that according to BTS Jin’s birthday and natal chart, he is a gapmok (갑목) or, in its closest English equivalent, a strong tree.

Gapmok type of people like Jin are born with an unstoppable force to grow and progress. These people can best be described as an upward arrow. They are constantly pushing through, like young trees blooming in the spring. Their fates dictate them to be confident, caring, and optimistic. Sounds exactly like the Worldwide Handsome you know, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, BTS V’s birthday and natal chart would make him an eulmok (을목) or, in English, a lush vine.

Eulmok type of people like V are born survivors. They can best be described as the sideway arrows. Eulmok people, like vines, are flexible, versatile, and well-rounded enough to blend in anywhere and everywhere. Their fates will always lead them to grow as high and mighty as their surroundings — no matter how small they start off. And regardless of the environment in which eulmok people find themselves, they boast their unrivaled abilities to “pave ways”. If this isn’t the most accurate description of V, what is?

Finally, when a gapmok person and an eulmok person come together — well the picture should be pretty clear. Imagine a very tall and solid tree with ivy vines growing wrapped along its trunk and branches. They are inseparable and invincible together. As one, they soar high and spread wide!

The expert commented, “The gapmok Jin is the one that helps the eulmok V grow and together they reach full bloom.” And with that said, it’s really no wonder they are a “subunit” of their own, endearingly nicknamed the Gwangsan Kims.

So there you have it: Jin and V have always been meant for each other. Can their friendship be any more perfect?

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Source: Nate Pann and Tistory

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