BTS’s Jin Shows Off His Weverse Award — Jin-Style

He happily showed off his Weverse achievement.

And the winner of the 2019 Weverse Awards is…Jin!


No BTS member loves hanging out on the Weverse app more than Jin (except, perhaps, V!), so back in November, Weverse awarded Jin this certificate: “For his excellent attendance record on BTS Weverse and his always-cheerful willingness to spend quality time with ARMY” – Presented on November 22, 2019”. 


In reply, Jin jokingly replied, “Give me the prize money.”


In addition to giving an acceptance speech, Jin has now posted a photo of himself showing off the certificate on Weverse.

Honestly… Honestly? I don’t think I deserve the attendance award. Attendance awards are for students who have perfect attendance! I mean, I’ve visited Weverse a plenty of times, but… I don’t think I’ve made a perfect attendance record. So… I was a little concerned about accepting the award!

— Jin


On December 23, Jin posted this photo on Weverse…


…with this leJINdary caption.


It’s true what fans say; Jin truly is one of a kind!