BTS V’s Cheeky Solution For Sleepless ARMYs Ended Up Making Them Sleepless AND Anxious

“I became anxious and it left me wide awake!”

On December 22, 2019, 4AM KST, BTS‘s V graced Weverse and blessed fellow sleepless ARMYs.


After leaving a string of replies on ARMYs’ posts, V decided it’s really time to go to bed. For those who couldn’t fall asleep, he left behind a playful solution:

If you’re reading this, you’re going to have a dream soon. If you fall asleep within the next 5 minutes, you’re going to be the only ARMY who’s going to watch us 7 perform in the dream. There is no one else. The house is empty. It’s only you watching us. We’re excited. Members are in great conditions. The performances are lit AF… But if you can’t fall asleep in 5 minutes, for each minute that follows, one member will go away. 6… 5… 4… down to the last member… And even after those 7 minutes you still cannot fall asleep, Bang PD-nim will come out in your dream and give you a five-hour long lecture on the history of Big Hit Entertainment. Now close your eyes, ready, get set, go.

— V


Then he was off. ARMYs, left behind with this somewhat of a mission to fall asleep in less than five minutes, tried to keep their eyes shut and minds blank chasing that “exclusive BTS concert” dream.

Okay, good night everyone!

— V


Unfortunately, as shared by ARMYs who gave it their best shot, this ended up a fast track for an anxiety attack!

V’s post, LOL. At first I had a huge smile on my face imagining this. But half way through, I became anxious [over losing the members] and it left me wide awake. LMAO.

— Twitter @_jimintoday_


V also realized what a failure this has become, as more panicked ARMYs admitted they’re going to have to take that History of Big Hit 101:

ARMY: Where do I go to hear Bang PD-nim‘s cyber lecture…?
V: Looks like there will be a lot of you today. Grab an empty seat.


But hey, he tried. So did ARMYs. It’s just that sleep can be a tricky thing. Better luck next time!


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