BTS’s Jin Wanted To Cry When His Pink, Sparkly Microphone Lost Some Rhinestones — But He Had A Genius Solution

He was so prepared!

BTS‘s Jin is known for his love for all things pink!

From clothes to accessories, many of his favorite things he owns are bright, bubblegum pink.

While rehearsing for Yet to Come in Busan, everything was going well for the BTS members…until Jin made it known that something was happening to his precious pink microphone!

The members began to gather around him during rehearsal when he sounded upset.

Fiddling with the microphone in the mic stand, Jin’s expression showed how stressed he felt!

The reasoning? Jin didn’t want any of the rhinestones from his pink, sparkly microphone to fall off! A staff member ended up removing it from the stand as carefully as possible, but a few beads were lost in the process.

Someone suggested he take all of the beads off, but Jin refused!

I think I’m going to cry…

— Jin

Later on during rehearsals, Jin had a solution to protect his pink microphone.

Jin: I changed my mic [to a green one]!

Jimin: Whose is it?

Jin: Mine!

Jin revealed he always carries around a back-up microphone, just in case! He’s always thinking ahead.

That explains why ARMYs might see Jin using a green microphone from time to time!

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