BTS’s Jungkook Spotted Crying At The 2019 Grammy Awards

Jungkook was moved to tears.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards was a joyful occasion, but there was one moment when BTS‘s maknae, Jungkook, shed tears.


On February 10, BTS attended the Grammys as presenters. While sitting in the audience, they experienced many amazing performances that moved and inspired them.


At one point, the Grammys’ cameras captured BTS jamming out to Dolly Parton‘s and Miley Cyrus‘s duet. Jungkook had a blast singing along to “Jolene”, but that wasn’t the only performance that moved him.


This fancam captured Jungkook wiping away tears during Dolly Parton’s and Miley Cyrus’s beautiful cover of Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”. When Jungkook’s members noticed, they couldn’t help laughing and teasing him a little!


The Grammy Awards were full of memorable moments for both BTS and their fans. Check out some of the most unforgettable ones here.

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