Nothing Is Cuter Than BTS Jungkook’s Panic-Filled Interaction With Kentaro Sakaguchi At 2019 MAMA

And he oop-

Actor Kentaro Sakaguchi, also known to K-Pop fans as the Japanese counterpart of Seo Kang Joon, graced the 2019 MAMA ceremony on December 4, 2019 as a presenter.


He honored BTS with the “Best Dance Performance Male Group” award…


… and the members scurried on to the stage. J-Hope looked especially happy to see Kentaro!


After BTS were handed the trophy, there was a brief moment of chaos over who’s taking the trophy and who’s using which microphone…


… and amidst the confusion, Jungkook mistook Kentaro for one of his own teammates. Jungkook grabbed Kentaro’s shoulders, like he would do to any one of the members.


When Kentaro turned around, equally as surprised by Jungkook’s hands, Jungkook was bamboozled AF.


Kentaro immediately returned the panic-engaged-Jungkook back to his teammates, all the while Jungkook continued to look “…???”


And ARMYs can never, ever get enough of this Jungshook!

Watch the full clip here: