BTS’s Jungkook Admits That There’s Only One Daring Activity That Would Impress Him

He really proved his bravery!

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jungkook is incredibly brave and willing to try just about anything.

He’s even specified that “real-life things” scare him more than any sort of music video set.

And Jungkook has once again proven that to be true in the behind-the-scenes filming for “Yet To Come,” where he fearlessly posed on top of the iconic school bus.

Jungkook | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

He doesn’t hesitate, which he explains is because he’s “been up on so many high places.”

I’ve been up on so many high places. It wasn’t really special.



And while he didn’t feel any fear while standing on top of the school bus, Jungkook did get emotional, reminiscing about BTS’s past.

What was really special was all those props that reminded me of our past. That felt special.



Having done a bunch of different feats of bravery before, not much impresses Jungkook anymore.

I’ve been here, done that. I’ve flown in the sky.



There is, however, one daring activity that Jungkook admits he would be impressed by.

It has to be at least skydiving that can impress me now.



Maybe Jungkook will get the opportunity to try skydiving in the future.

You can read more about the “Yet To Come” filming here.

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