BTS’s Jungkook Once Embarrassed Himself On Stage And The Members Found It Hilarious

Poor Jungkook! 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook has had his fair share of embarrassing moments that ARMYs find totally adorable.

He recently told the hilarious story of an awkward interaction that happened to him during 2019 MAMA when meeting with Japanese actor Kentaro Sakaguchi.

When receiving the award for “Best Dance Performance Male Group,” the BTS members took the stage to accept the award from the MC. However, Jungkook revealed he accidentally mistook Kentaro for one of his own members!

If I had known [it was Kentaro], I would have said ‘Hello’ like this! *politely bows*

— Jungkook

Instead, Jungkook gave him a pat on the back like he was a long-time friend! The BTS members couldn’t help but laugh at the maknae’s super cute mistake.

He showed his condolences for his informal behavior, but it’s okay — Everyone makes mistakes, Jungkook!

Check out the full story below.

Nothing Is Cuter Than BTS Jungkook’s Panic-Filled Interaction With Kentaro Sakaguchi At 2019 MAMA