BTS’s Jungkook Was Hilariously Put On The Spot By His Members, So Here’s What He Did

Classic Jungkook!

The BTS members were quizzed on how well they know each other in a recent video with Vanity Fair. However, when answering Jungkook‘s question, it seems the members knew more about Jungkook than he does about himself!

The question asked which food Jungkook could eat for the rest of his life. Jin confidently threw out an answer that caught all of BTS off guard.

I know the answer. ARMY’s love?

— Jin

Jungkook’s hilarious expression showcased his inner turmoil at the answer!

It’s not that?!

— Jin

He had no other choice and began furiously scribbling his previous answer! That was totally what he meant to write.

Jin got the point in the end. It seems he’s just naturally gifted at knowing all the answers!

I had a feeling it was this!

— Jin

However, Suga had a more realistic approach to the question.

I was thinking kimchi stew.

— Suga

Jimin wanted to know Jungkook’s original answer, but it seems we’ll never know!

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