BTS’s Jungkook Was On The Prowl For His Prey: J-Hope

The hunt was on in “Run BTS!”.

If BTS were animals, Jungkook would be at the top of the food chain!


This ultra-competitive, super athletic maknae doesn’t like to lose, especially when a prize is at stake. To win a sticker tag game in the latest episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook had to hunt down his opponent: J-Hope.


Like most prey animals, J-Hope went into freeze mode when faced with a predator.


He also offered Jungkook information and an alliance…


…in the hopes of turning his foe into a friend.


Once J-Hope saw a chance to escape though, he took off at full speed! If Jungkook hadn’t given him a headstart, J-Hope may not have survived much longer.


After seeking out RM for help, J-Hope ran off again. If he could just find a good hiding spot to wait out the game, he’d be safe.


As fate would have it, Jungkook stumbled on J-Hope’s hiding spot (the restrooms) by accident. Lucky for J-Hope, Jungkook was out of stickers!


For more, find out how sneaky predator can be.

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