BTS’s V Proved That It’s The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch Out For

Jimin kept his friends close and his enemies closer.

“Good boy” is as sneaky as he is handsome; he can’t be trusted when a prize is on the line!


After spending more than six years together, BTS know each other’s tricks in and out. Even so, V completely blindsided his sticker tag target, Jimin, in Episode 88 of Run BTS!.


During this high-intensity chase game, nobody could be trusted…except V? Thanks to Jin‘s hilarious mind games, Jimin didn’t see V as a threat. Unfortunately, V was the one person he should have watched out for!


While the other members were chasing each other, V launched this subtle attack without breaking a sweat.


“I trust you,” Jimin said, as V stickered his back. V struggled to keep a straight face.


Jimin had zero idea what V was up to. He even thanked V for “helping” him!


When the game ended and V revealed his trickery, Jimin was ready to end their friendship!


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