BTS Jungkook’s 4 Indispensable Must-Haves

#3 shows his true personality!

During an interview about his favorite fairytale, Peter Pan, BTS‘s Jungkook shared his 4 must-haves that he would take to Neverland. Check out his choices below!

1. Food

Jungkook can’t live without his snacks!

You’ll always catch him grabbing a bite to eat, sharing his favorite recipes, and even watching cooking videos on YouTube.

2. His Phone

It’s essential to always carry a phone to contact his loved ones, ARMY, and more.

It could also provide entertainment in the form of games and videos.

3. People

Jungkook needs to be around the people he loves, whether it’s his fellow BTS members…

…or ARMY!

4. Water

At least he’s realistic with his choices!

As a practical guy, Jungkook only needs the necessities.

Source: Gyul Bang/YouTube


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