BTS’s Jungkook Picks His Top 3 Ice Creams… And ARMYs Are Calling Him “Old-Man JK” For It

Old man JK!

In a recent Bangtan Bomb episode uploaded to BTS‘s bangtantv YouTube channel, members were spotted in the 2018 Gayo Daejejeon waiting room, munching on ice cream.


Jungkook, happily pointing to a heap of different ice creams, shared that they are his “biases” from the fantastic world of K-Popsicles.

These are my favorites here.

— Jungkook


The first is this corn-shaped chal-oksusu (찰옥수수).


This ice cream tastes like corn on the cob — or even frosted flakes — sweetened and frozen, combined with chocolate. It has pieces of mochi and actual corn bits inside, which adds to its chewy texture.


The second is a fish-shaped Boong-uh Samanco (붕어싸만코).


This ice cream does not taste like fish, fortunately, but rather like vanilla and red beans. The unique shape has made this particular ice cream brand extremely popular among Korean consumers. Since the original red bean flavored fish’s success, it has branched out and now comes in a variation flavors, including chocolate fish and matcha fish.


Finally, the last of Jungkook’s favorites is B-B-Big (비비빅).


This ice cream is a classic red bean flavored popsicle with bits of red beans inside. It isn’t nearly as sweet as the other two of Jungkook’s favorites, but it has been a steady seller for decades since 1975. Often, this popsicle will fall victim to freezer burn…


… and stick to the lips…


… which is exactly why Jungkook blew on his before taking a bite!


With that said, ARMYs are poking fun at how Jungkook’s preference in ice creams reminds them of their parents’ and are calling him “Old Man JK”. In fact, B-B-Big is one of the most popular ice creams among older Korean consumers because of its not-so-sweet flavor. Even J-Hope pointed out that Jungkook’s selection is often “for older folks”.

Hey, aren’t these for older folks?

— J-Hope


Regardless of whatever opinions, Jungkook was one happy camper with his favorites. Nothing could stop him from his most UWU ice cream mukbang!


Watch the full Bangtan Bomb episode here:

Source: THEQOO